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That would be their viewpoint. On the other hand, people like myself find in the McGarvey books a series that takes a dark view of the dangers this country faces and the type of men needed to keep those dangers from destroying the American way of life. To unpaid critics like me, and the huge throng of fans Mr.


Hagberg has, the books are extremely enjoyable and, if they should turn out to not truly show the kind of men defending us, they certainly show what men we should want. Thanks you, Mr. I like McGarvey, with all his rough edges.

My Grade: A. The books are well written and I appreciate the personality of the character McGarvey. We "Neanderthals" have to stick together in this dangerous world. Tell us what you think of the series. Give your grade and comments.

Hello, Guest Sign In Register. The CIA very reluctantly asks McGarvey to come back once again to stop an enemy agent who is proving too good but someone at the Agency seems determined to block McGarvey's success. First, they must thoroughly discredit the man. McGarvey's girlfriend is killed and his ex-wife and daughter kidnapped and tortured in the plot.

Those doing the stealing, though, have a much larger agenda. When an American attack on the terrorist's camp kills his daughter, he is determined to get revenge. McGarvey's job is to stop him. He won't let it drop, though, even when it puts his career and his family in danger. The only clue to his death is the request to tap the communications of the Chinese embassy but the why for the tap and for the death are unknown.

Now McGarvey is determined to avenge them and learn the truth.

He also passes on details for the finding of a lost treasure in gold but insists she contact Kirk McGarvey for help. Hunted by her fellow agents, she must find McGarvey and force him to help her. Kirk McGarvey is determined to stop them. Kirk McGarvey is asked to set things right. Kirk McGarvey is asked to help find who and why.



Kirk McGarvey is convinced a power in the Saudi government was behind it and is determined to get justice. The same people behind the hit are also after the President and they are hire an accomplished killer to set up three terrorist attacks at "flash points" intending to create so much backlash that the Chief Executive will be forced from office. But that is what happens when one of their nukes goes missing and the chance of a war between the two powers looks likely. Now the Chinese government is using his presence as a pretext to threaten invasion.

While Mac gets used to his peg leg and recovers from other wounds, he participates in the planning that will draw out the crafty Kamal. The tradecraft and courage of each is well displayed, as is their sharp contrast in values.

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