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Directed by Beeban Kidron. With Sharon Maughan, Gideon Turner, David Warner, Katrin Cartlidge. Cinderella (named Zezolla) and her family live mid 20th .
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Alternate Versions In the longer international version only, actress Jacqueline Giroux aka Valdesta appears as Snow White, Angelo Rossitto appears as the head dwarf and actress Mariwin Roberts appears as the seducing lesbian. All three performers are uncredited.

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Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. The story of Cinderella, at its most basic, is of overcoming oppression and crossing class lines. The first iteration of the story can be traced to Greece, during the sixth century B.

In the Greek version of the tale, a courtesan named Rhodopis has her shoe carried away by an eagle. The eagle takes it across the Mediterranean and drops it in the lap of an Egyptian king. Another very old version of the story exists in China and is the tale of Ye Xian. According to Ancient Origins, she was the motherless daughter of a cave-dwelling chieftain. There is a very similar cast of characters to the Cinderella myth we recognize today, including an evil stepmother and unkind step-sister. In place of a fairy godmother, Ye Xian has the magical bones of a fish, which grants her wishes.

The story of Ye Xian reflected the admiration for small feet in ancient China.

Foot binding later became a common practice to prevent feet from growing. This work is a mix of realistic fiction and some romance in the end. The title is appropriate for this book because it is not only like the Cinderella fairy tale, but it also takes place on the eve of the year The book is divided into eleven chapters and the author foreshadows a little bit, but because most of us have heard the Cinderella story before, it may seem like she is only setting the scene in the introduction.

The cover of the book matches the story and also foreshadows as well because she receives dragonfly jewelry, and rides to the party in a limo. The main character is Ashley. She is the person who pulls the whole story together. She is trying to go to a party on New Year's Eve, but she has two snobby step-sisters, and one overbearing step-mother that really get on her nerves, and even make me want to get mad at them.

In some ways, I feel her pain and frustration when it comes to her step-sisters. I get frustrated with my siblings sometimes as well, but we always work out our problems, just like the author describes everything working out for Ashley in the end of the book.

The theme that stands out to me the most is that no matter what happens, never give up on what you want to do because there is always the possibility that something might happen and take you by surprise. You should always be open for new opportunities.

Cinderella 2000

This theme helps the story come together at the end when Ashley has an unexpected opportunity to go to the party. Ashley says this because she is going to get to go to the party after all. Mavis Jukes sets up the argument throughout the entirety of the book.

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The argument is shown whenever Ashley tries to convince her stepmother, Phyllis, and find a way to go to this party. This quote is very powerful in a sense that what is in the past is in the past, and we are not going to be able to go back in time and change everything no matter how much we want to. We have to move on and think about times in the here and now. This was a great book, and I hope that you will read it as well. Feb 01, L-Crystal Wlodek rated it liked it Shelves: chapter-books , traditional-lite. This chapter book version of Cinderella is modern and set in the present day. However, her stepmother has other plans for her and wants her to baby-sit her evil twin siblings.

This version of Cinderella is definitely told with a modern twist. The storyline is very predictable and This chapter book version of Cinderella is modern and set in the present day.

The storyline is very predictable and holds the same theme of love as in the original Cinderella story. However, the characters have dimension and being a lot to the story. For example, the stepmother is very funny with her off the wall fashion sense and parenting skills, but at the same time a soft and good-hearted side is shown.

This story ends with a happily ever after, but is a light and funny modern day version of Cinderella. This particular story is perfect for adolescent girls who still enjoy princess stories with happy endings and it very similar to the popular movie A Cinderella Story. Sep 18, emma grace rated it liked it Shelves: fairy-tales-retold , very-fast-read. I give this a 3. It was a really cute little story. I did have a little bit of a problem with Phyllis; the stepmother.

She was really annonying.

And the twins step sisters were little stinkers. She was great. I wish there had been more of the ending; telling about what happened at the party!

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Really annoying Apr 07, Rossana Snee rated it liked it. This was a cute book, but I wasn't wowed. The stepsisters were over the top annoying and I could not decide whether Phyllis was really all that bad. I loved Grammie's character; she added some poignant moments.


Overall this book was just okay for me. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't fantastic either. Sep 12, StephanyAC1 Thomas rated it really liked it.