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Simian raticus ("rat-monkey") also known as Sumatran Rat-Monkey or Devil Monkey is a specie of primate that is found on Skull Island. In the remake of King Kong an animal cage stowed in the hold of the SS Venture has a sign reading "Sumatran Rat Monkey - Beware the bite!".
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Each monkey had control over only two dimensions of movement, requiring the concentration of at least two of the three animals to successfully move the arm.

Shock and gnaw: rat-eating macaques 'stun' scientists

In a separate experiment, rodents were linked together by having microwire arrays attached to their somatosensory cortex. The animals then engaged in various memory and pattern recognition tasks together, with the researchers noting if their collective performance was equal or better to that of an individual animal. The long-term potential of the research is unknown, but it could have massive implications for human networking, with brain rehabilitation in stroke victims mentioned as one of the opportunities the researchers are interested in exploring. In the movies at least, neural networks and hive minds tend to create all kinds of problems for the unwitting humans who create or jack into them: namely the aforementioned Borg, The Matrix, Minority Report, Lawnmower Man, Brainstorm and the list goes on….

In some areas of the rat and pike, mesothelial cells had desmosomal connections and microvillous projections into the peritoneal cavity.

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Marginated heterochromatin was more abundant in the rat and monkey. The mesothelium was discontinuous in the rat and monkey but, in areas of discontinuity, the capsular surface was covered by a basal lamina, often barely perceptible beneath mesothelial cells of the rat and monkey, but prominent in the pike.

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  • In the pike, the mesothelium had numerous pinocytotic vesicles on both peritoneal and capsular surfaces. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies.

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