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Make sure real estate is the right path for you. While the specifics vary by state, there are five steps that every individual must take to earn their license and become a real estate agent. Kaplan Real Estate Education offers a couple pages that narrow this knowledge gap down. The Steps to Licensing page is designed to show, in simple steps, what it takes to become licensed in each state. There are variety of ways you can choose to complete your real estate prelicensing education requirements, from live classroom locations at local real estate schools, some realty firms, universities and technical schools offer real estate licensing programs, home-study, and online real estate education.

This is an important decision in your journey. Make sure you enroll with a school that has a good reputation, offers quality content and instructors, and is focused on positive student outcomes. Your real estate licensing education will be difficult and comprehensive, but it will also be the springboard to a successful career as a real estate professional. Timing is important at this step. Make sure you are following the application process with your state so you can sit for your real estate agent exam soon after you finish your real estate licensing classes.

This process will be state-specific and include a fee. Some states require you submit fingerprints and pass a background check. This can take weeks to process. In many states, the application process must be complete before you can register or schedule your exam date.

This can take a few days. You will then receive an eligibility confirmation email from AMP. Follow the instructions in the email carefully in order to schedule your state exam. Answer: The test is divided into two sections: the National portion consists of 10 simulation problems. Nine of these problems count towards your score. The other question is not scored; it is a "pre-test" question that may appear on future examinations.

The State portion consists of 5 simulation problems. Four of these problems count towards your score. In both the Information Gathering and Decision Making sections, if you select answer options that are not appropriate or fail to choose options that are appropriate , this will negatively impact your score.

Note: you are NOT allowed to change your answers, so you must read each option carefully before making your selection. You are NOT allowed to change your answers or skip questions and return to them later. Therefore, be very careful to review all the options before making your selection s.

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Answer: Your real estate license expires every two years on the anniversary of the dates of issuance , at which time you must apply for renewal and pay a renewal fee. If the renewal application is late, you must pay a late fee. Answer: Licenses issued to corporations and partnerships must be renewed every two years. The renewal date is the calendar date on which the license was issued. If you are renewing your license for the second and each subsequent time, you must complete: 30 hours of approved real estate courses, including the three-hour Core Curriculum course.

You can only use a course to fulfill the renewal requirement if you began the course: 1 after issuance of your initial license; and 2 within 36 months of your renewal date. If you have taken more than 30 hours during a renewal period, up to fifteen hours of any excess can be carried forward to the next two-year renewal period. However, if your license is inactive for more than three consecutive years you will be required to complete a hour course before being allowed to activate the license.

NOTE: This license activation course is an elective, but it must be a hour course, not an accumulation of shorter courses. Answer: Indefinitely, as long as you continue to pay your required renewal fees. Question: My license was supposed to be renewed ten months ago but I didn't do it.

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Is it too late to renew the license? You can renew by simply paying the renewal and late fees up to twelve months after expiration. After twelve months the license is canceled. Question: My license wasn't renewed within twelve months of expiration. Does this mean I have to take the license exam again? Answer: Not necessarily. A license can be reinstated within two years after cancellation if you do all of the following:. Alternatively, you could just take the state examination again.

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Unless more than three years have elapsed since you took your real estate fundamentals course—in which case you would have to complete it again to be eligible for the exam—it might be easier and more cost-effective to take our exam review course the Cram course and sit for the examination. Answer: A completed verification form and your renewal fee. Below is a sample verification form. You can get a course verification form from your broker. Click here for a PDF version of this form from the Department of Licensing website that you can print out.

The Department of Licensing can also help you through the renewal process on their website. Have questions about California real estate salesperson's license requirements? Check our list of frequently asked questions FAQ :.

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Answer: You must be at least 18 years old, you must successfully complete three 3-semester-unit or 4-quarter-unit courses in Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and an approved elective, and you must pass the California real estate salesperson's license exam. You must be honest and truthful; if you have previously committed a felony or other crime of moral turpitude, your license application may be denied.

You also need to provide proof of legal presence in the United States, either as a citizen or as a resident alien. You do not need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, or any employment experience, to qualify. Residency in California also is not a requirement. Question: I took real estate courses at a community college or other institution of higher learning.

Answer: If you took courses equivalent to Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and the approved elective, you don't have to take the courses again. When you apply to take the license exam, you should submit an official transcript that shows you passed the classes, along with an official course or catalog description. Question: I have a salesperson's license in another state. Do I still have to take the three licensing courses?

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Answer: Yes, you do. California has no reciprocity arrangement with any other state that would allow a person to waive any of the requirements for obtaining a license. However, you may register for the California salesperson's examination without taking the courses, if you can provide proof that you completed equivalent courses at an out-of-state institution of higher learning that is properly accredited.

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Courses taken at an out-of-state private vocational school won't satisfy this requirement. When you apply to take the license exam, you should submit an official transcript that shows you passed the classes, along with official course or catalog descriptions. Answer: Anyone applying for a license after October 1, must also complete, in addition to Real Estate Principles, two three semester-unit or four quarter-unit courses.

One of these two additional courses must be Real Estate Practice. For the other additional course, you must select one of the following:. Answer: Yes. To be issued a real estate license, you must submit your fingerprints to the Bureau of Real Estate. You may have your fingerprints taken and submit them to the DRE as soon as you apply to take the real estate exam—it isn't necessary to wait until you've passed the exam.

Click here for information about getting fingerprinted and submitting your fingerprints to the DRE. Answer: To register for the salesperson's exam, you need to prove you have completed Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and the other required elective course using transcripts or course completion certificates. The DRE cautions that applicants should make sure they do not submit their application more than once.

Duplication could delay the application process, and you could be charged twice with no refund. If you're registering by mail, you also have the option of paying by check, cashier's check, or money order, made payable to the Bureau of Real Estate. You can check the availability of particular dates and times at the different exam sites on the DRE's website www.

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When you register, you may specify the site you prefer and the earliest date you can take the exam, and the DRE will assign you a date and location. Alternatively, once you are qualified to take the exam, you may choose your date and location using the eLicensing system on the DRE website. Answer: Once you have been qualified to take the exam, the DRE will notify you by mail. If you opted to schedule your exam date and location yourself, you may do so using the eLicensing system on the DRE website www.

Alternatively, if you specified a preferred date and location in your exam application, the DRE notice will also contain your exam date and time and the address of your exam site. If you have not received this notice within six weeks after mailing or faxing your application, you can go to the DRE website and use the eLicensing system to find out your exam date.